Real Estate in Ghana is beginning to experience a taste of the increasingly complex and dynamic environment of Global Markets which calls for Best Practices within the Industry
The cooperative real estate transactions will be a hallmark of GREPA members once embraced. The importance of cooperation in advancing the interests of sellers and buyers, landlords and tenants, and others who rely on Real Estate professionals and their services is underscored by the fact that our Code of Ethics will require cooperation as a condition of membership

Resolving Disputes
it is inevitable that good faith disagreements will arise. GREPA leadership will assist in bringing members and the public a means of resolving these disputes through arbitration and ethics compliance. Arbitration services will help resolve contractual issues and questions that arise between members, between members and their clients, and, in some cases, between parties of a transaction brought about through the efforts of the Agent

Ethics Compliance
GREPA Members will be held to the highest ethical standards, as outlined by GREPA’s Code of Ethics. When a member of the public or another Agent feels they have been treated unfairly, they may choose to file an ethics complaint. GREPA Leadership (Professional Standards Committee) hears complaints about possible violations of the Code of Ethics. Penalties for such violations could result in monetary fines, increased education requirements or even expulsion of membership.